cheers to 30 years at Aspen Clinic

Aspen Clinic Corporate Meeting: Cheers to 30 Years!

The Aspen Clinic is celebrating our 30th anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited!

As you probably know, we have 9 locations across Louisiana from Slidell to Lafayette.  It isn’t often that all 9 of our locations (managers and staff) get the opportunity to get together, but once a year we make it happen.

Every January all 9 clinics meet in Baton Rouge for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon to discuss goals, the previous year, the upcoming year, and most importantly, spend some time together.  Our annual meeting ALWAYS starts with a prayer led by our owner Steve Dupuis.  The prayer was followed by a brief story about how Mr. Steve started the Aspen Clinic and how he has gotten to where he is today.

Since we don’t see each other very often, each office takes a moment to stand up and introduce themselves.  It’s always fun to be able to put faces to the names we hear every day over the phone.  Next up, Mr. Steve and his daughter Barbie, the Vice President of Aspen Clinic, give out awards to the employees and clinics who stood out for the year.  Here are the winners:

Part-time Employee of the year: Ashleigh from Harvey


Full-time Employee of the year: Cassidy from Hammond


Salesperson of the year: Brenda from Slidell


Phone Professional of the year: Julianna from Metairie


Manager of the year: Stacy from Lafayette and Aspen Clinic’s 1st employee from 1988!


Top Sales Clinic: Baton Rouge

sales clinic

2017 Clinic of the Year: Baton Rouge

clinic of the year

Since we are celebrating our BIG 30th anniversary, we surprised Mr. Steve with a video of each staff member saying thank you for all that he and his family have done for us and shared some of our favorite memories of Aspen Clinic through the years.  The fun continued with a Family-Feud style game where the employees were tested on their knowledge of our supplements, products, program, and medications.  The game got pretty competitive but Shelly’s team took the prize!


We finished up on a more serious note discussing goals and strategies for the upcoming year.  We were introduced to a few new products that you will soon see in our offices.  We are so excited to share all of this new  information with all of you!  To see more photos from our meeting visit our Facebook page.


Congratulations, Mr. Steve on a successful 30 years!  We can’t wait to make 2018 the best year yet!