Aspen Employees Continuing Education

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Aspen Employees Continuing Education

Last week the employees of Aspen Clinic were surprised with a visit from Mr. Randy, the mastermind behind each of our supplements. Mr. Randy has been formulating our supplements since 2011. We were incredibly lucky to meet him and get the opportunity to incorporate his expertise into our program.  His clients consist of professional athletes and sports teams, including some of the world’s top PGA golfers, cancer patients, people diagnosed with “irreversible diseases”, and many others taking an all-natural, holistic approach to their health.  These are just a few of the reasons we were so excited to get the opportunity to work alongside Mr. Randy to offer the most natural products to our patients.

Since working with Mr. Randy to re-formulate all of our supplements we have seen unbelievable results not only in our patients’ weight loss, but also overall health. Our patients have experienced changes in digestive health, mental health, discontinuation of prescription medications, and even some reversal of disease.

At the Aspen Clinic we are always continuing our education, whether it’s trying new products or researching the latest trends in weight loss, we do our best to stay up-to-date and informed. However, nothing compares to getting the chance to see our products working first-hand. When Mr. Randy went to each Aspen location he did a blood analysis on every employee and was able to give us feedback on deficiencies, problems with digestion, and make supplement recommendations based off of these results. It was eye opening for the employees who got to participate for the first time. Many employees discovered B-Vitamin and Iron deficiencies, while others learned the importance of taking digestive enzymes.  The employees who had met Mr. Randy in the past were able to see the effects of implementing his recommendations into their daily regimen.

Abby, from the Metairie location, was able to see the benefits of our Total Digestive Enzymes within just 30 minutes of taking 2 capsules.  Before taking enzymes, her red blood cells were clumped together and unable to flow freely due to the high amounts of undigested protein in her blood. The enzymes immediately went into effect and we were able to see a visible change when he took her blood the second time (post enzymes).




The first photo shows Abby’s blood as Rouleaux blood.  Rouleaux blood is a roll of red blood cells (RBC’s) resembling a pile of coins, which can be caused by protein indigestion and physical/mental stress.  Rouleaux causes poor circulation of blood and therefore decreases the amount of oxygen and nutrients available for the body to use.  This condition produces symptoms of fatigue, weakness, poor digestion, and possible edema.  The second photo is approximately 30 minutes post taking our Total Digestive Enzymes and shows her RBC’s already separating and no longer stacked together.  The digestive enzyme protease, used to digest protein, is quickly hard at work removing undigested proteins from her blood.  The small white dots in the middle of her RBC’s indicate an Iron deficiency.  Abby was recommended to take 2 Total Digestive Enzymes with each meal and add 2 capsules of Aspen Iron to her daily routine.

We recently did a blog post on the difference between natural and synthetic supplements (Natural vs. Synthetic Supplements & Why It Matters), and we all preach to our patients that taking synthetic vitamins can be detrimental to their health. While all of our employees are educated on the importance of taking all-natural, whole food based supplements, being able to see them working in their own bodies made the staff even more eager to teach our patients about the benefits our supplements provide.

Our staff is dying to tell you what they learned about our products, so make sure you ask which supplements will be best for you at your next Doctor’s visit!


Here’s a couple more photos from Mr. Randy’s visit: