The Aspen Family

The Aspen Clinic is a family owned business. Its owners, Steve and Laurie Dupuis like to think of their business as a family that is made up of themselves, their wonderful employees and physicians at the 9 locations of the Aspen Clinic and the countless number of clients that they have helped over the 26 years of business.

Laurie Dupuis:
“Our business was formed upon the belief that we could make a difference in someone’s life. After 26 years, our difference has made the difference in so many lives. To experience the transformation of an overweight, unhealthy individual into a healthier, happier person is something that words can’t describe.”

Steve Dupuis:
“It is your choice which group you fall into. The fact is if you are overweight today you are not in a minority. 55% of the country is at least 20% overweight. Weight loss marketing has got the whole country confused as to what is right when it comes to weight loss. We teach the truth about nutrition, low fat, high fiber, lots of vegetables and complex carbohydrates. We would be a healthier nation if we consumed more plant-based foods, and substitute red meat with fish and chicken. You must understand that fast food is bad food. But the biggest problem, especially in South Louisiana, is that the food is so good, that every time we eat we eat too much. So the most important thing to do is EAT LESS. It’s your choice. That’s what we specialize in: HELPING PEOPLE MAKE BETTER CHOICES.”

So when you choose a weight loss clinic, choose one that has been locally owned and operated for 26 years, one with quality service, integrity, and a proven record of helping people overcome their weight loss problems and lead longer and more active lives.