Susan Fitbit Giveaway Winner

Meet Our FitBit Giveaway Winner!

We want to give a big thank you to the 300+ people who participated in our recent FitBit giveaway contest in January!

Susan T. from Parks, La., won the FitBit Alta HR, and she has already started tracking her steps.


Q&A With Our FitBit Winner: Susan T.

Q: What does staying healthy mean to you?

S: I’m only 5’1″, so I feel like it’s important for me to watch my weight. I think eating right and getting daily exercise are important for that.

Q: How have you been using your FitBit?

S: It’s been great. I use it to track my heart rate and steps. I shoot for 10,000 every day.

Q: Do you work on your feet?

S: I’m a teacher’s aid for our parish, so I get a lot of steps in every day.

Q: What does it mean, for you, to “eat healthy?”

S: For me, I stay away from stuff like white breads and rice. I also eat lots of salads, fruits, and vegetables.

Q: You’ve been to the Aspen Clinic before. What do you like about the clinic?

S: The people are very friendly there. They give you good feedback on their products, and it keeps your weight down. If you follow their meal plan and take their recommendations, it works!


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