Mardi Gras Detox

Post-Mardi Gras Detox

We hope that you had an amazing Mardi Gras and that you were able to avoid the temptation of making it a true Fat Tuesday! Our culture makes it hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle when surrounded by king cakes, alcohol, and savory foods on the parade route, but don’t worry the Krewe of Aspen is here to help you bounce back from any bad decisions that you may have made!

All 9 of our locations will be accepting new patients as well as follow-up patients this week, so if you need a little extra help with appetite control schedule your doctor’s appointment ASAP.

If you’re looking for help with energy levels, boost metabolism, and burn fat stop in to any location and try one our NEW B-12 or Lipo Extreme Injections!

But what’s the number 1 thing you should do to get back on track, or for Catholics, to kick off the Lenten Season? Well, when it comes to the liver we always say, “When in doubt, clean it out!”

Did you know that your blood passes through you liver and kidneys 3 times every minute?

The liver alone has over 900 functions that are crucial for weight loss, but the liver and kidneys together are two of the most important organs for weight loss because they are part of the body’s filtration system.  Blood is sent there to be filtered, re-worked, and gotten rid of. When we put too many undigested fats, proteins, and carbohydrates into our bodies the liver and kidneys will get backed up.

Think of your liver like a lint filter on a dryer

When the liver is “full” it begins to store fat and these undigested foods get sent back into our bodies resulting in high cholesterol, high blood sugar levels, triglycerides, etc. This liver “back wash” is typically sent into fat pockets in the body, which are found beneath the arms, between the legs, and in the lower back.

– Under arms, love handles, and cellulite… all of the places we hate! – 

This is why it’s important to clean the liver so that fats can flow freely out of it. With any health issues you should clean up the liver, but ESPECIALLY when you’re trying to lose weight.


 Suggested uses for the Liver/Kidney:

Chronic Alcohol Use

Chronic Drug Use

Prescription Medications

Any kind of Detoxification


High Cholesterol


Liver/Kidney Damage

Any Skin Condition

We recommend that all of our new patients begin our program with a bottle of our Liver/Kidney supplement to do a good detox and to make sure that fats can be digested properly. Follow-up patients should continue the supplement several (about every 3 months) times per year.  If you drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or take any prescription medications take this supplement year-round.

**Don’t forget that liver function is dependent on hydration levels.  Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water per day for optimal liver function**