Quarantine Weight Loss Guide

Regardless of the corona virus, it’s still spring time and we know you still want to reach your weight loss goals. Don’t let the quaratine stop you!

Here are some ways to stay on track towards your goals and stay healthy during the quarantine:

  • Stock up on Healthy Groceries & Don’t Buy Snacks
    • When you go to the store to stock for social distancing, focus on buying foods that will last and benefit your health like frozen meats and frozen vegetables, or freeze the fresh.
    • You can also buy fresh and meal prep a bunch of dishes and freeze them to re-heat later.
    • Avoid buying snacks to prevent boredom eating and keep the house free of unhealthy foods.
  • Stick to your calorie plan & food journal
    • With downtime, it will be easier to dedicate some time to meal prepping and recording your food intake.
    • Try using the MyFitnessPal or Lose It apps.
  • Stay active!
    • Avoid staying on the couch for long hours and try to move every hour! If possible, go for a long walk, ride a bike, or try simple at home exercises or work out videos.
  • Drink water – only!
    • A great goal to help you reach your water intake every day is to try to drink 8 oz every hour. This will not only keep you hydrated, but also help promote overall health and boost your immune system while this virus is in effect.
  • Take your supplements!
    • Set a reminder on your phone to help you remember to take them every day. With more sedentary time, the supplements can aid you in weight loss and prevent added weight gain.
    • Use the Metaboost to replicate the metabolic effects of exercise while the gym is closed and boost your mood and energy! Our online store will remain open to help you keep your products on hand.
  • Boost your immune function
    • Use immune boosting foods daily like leafy greens, orange fruits and vegetables, garlic, and tumeric to protect you and your family.
    • Our top virus prevention products: Pre-Probiotic& Anti-Inflammatory. You can also protect your immune system with doses of up to 5000 mg Vitamin C per day (as recommended by Dr. Charles Mary).

We hope these help you during this time – please keep your health and wellness as a priority, as the Aspen Clinic always will. You may also reach out to us via email with any questions or concerns.