” After the birth of my child, I lost all hope in getting my body back in shape. Then I found Aspen Clinic and realized I was not alone and there was hope. It’s been a slow, steady journey, but I have been able to maintain and continue to lose weight with the help of the awesome staff at the Slidell Aspen Clinic. The motivation, mentorship, medication, supplements, and support are all the key to my success. Thank you Slidell Aspen Clinic for helping me get my body and life back. At 44 years old, I feel as good as I did at 34 years old and look even better. I have energy now to want to work out and have fun with my family. Now that I am healthier, I know I will be around for them too. Thanks again!” (Lost 40 lbs)



“The Aspen Clinic is simply Awesome! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, they made me feel very comfortable and at ease. They exceeded my expectations!”



“I came to the Aspen Clinic weighing 352 lbs. I was eating very unhealthy and had no energy. Since I have been coming to Aspen I have lost 74 lbs so far. I feel great and have more energy than I have had in 10 years. “



” I started the last week of March 2017 and it is now September 23, 2017. Lost about 50 lbs and feeling better, still have a ways to go. Everyone over at Aspen is so nice and helpful. I would highly recommend anyone trying to lose weight to come to this clinic. “



“If there is one thing that makes this program different than any other weight loss program, it’s the exceptional staff at Aspen Clinic on Coursey Blvd. The biggest reason that I haven’t given up or quit my weight loss efforts is that I had someone to talk to every week and hold me accountable. Every time I walk through the doors at Aspen, a staff member always greets me, the space is clean, and the service is personal. My coach, Madi, has provided the extra push I needed to stay motivated, given me advice on how to conquer my cravings, and even helped me design meal plans. I have lost 25 pounds in 6 months, and wouldn’t be where I am today without Madi’s guidance. They want me to succeed and to lead a healthier lifestyle because those are things that I want for myself. Choosing Aspen Clinic on Coursey to help me accomplish my weight loss goals was the best decision I could have made, because they made my goals a part of their goals.”



“I started off at 204 lbs looking to lose weight and get healthy after the flood! Aspen has helped me to set goals and achieve them! I am down 37 lbs and still going! The more I lose the more motivated I feel! The supplements have helped tremendously and this has changed my life! The doctor has a wonderful attitude and motivated me to keep trying. I recommend Aspen to anyone for help to get healthy and for anyone who has problems with yo-yo dieting (losing then gaining back). If there is one thing you can do for yourself, TRY ASPEN!!!”