“I started with Aspen 30 years ago to lose weight and over the years I’ve come back to maintain and become healthier through adjusting my diet. I love the girls, weigh in regularly every Wednesday, and have never felt better. Accountability and weekly weigh ins are a must to success!” (Lost 35 lbs)



“The Aspen Clinic is such an amazing & positive environment. I was greeted at the front counter when I walked in and they provided me with so much knowledge. When I walked in I could feel the positive energy and attitudes. I was very pleased with my visit and would recommend this place to anyone! I have been to other weight loss clinics on the same street and there is no doubt that the Aspen Clinic cares!”



“I had been slowly (but steadily) gaining weight. Even though I exercised regularly, my body just wasn’t the same as it used to be. With the Aspen Clinic I’ve lost 40 lbs, several inches, and I feel fabulous! I feel healthier and look healthier – thank you for everything!”



“I was told about the Aspen Clinic by a friend of mine. The staff is very courteous and professional. They explain the process and make the experience positive. I have lost approx 20+ lbs after 3 months. If you are looking to lose a few pounds or a alot, I definitely recommend to Aspen Clinic in Lafayette, LA. “



“The staff is always flexible with my appointments. The nutritional class helped me to see what foods are best for me to eat. The supplements have worked really well. In my situation, I needed to eat less carbs and more protein. I have gained muscle and lost fat. They make sure I’m drinking enough water. “



” In 2009, I wore a size 22 and my mom was diagnosed with here second bout of lung cancer then before surgery on her lungs, she had to have a triple bypass heart surgery. I knew the only way for her to live was if I took a leave of absence with no pay in order to keep her alive. I joined Aspen in 2009 after her first surgery, when I actually had to live in the ICU waiting room, but couldn’t fit in the chairs. I dedicated myself to be healthy. No diet cokes, only water and turkey and chicken. After 4 months, I was down 4 sizes and in one year I was down to a size 6. I feel great and still to this day have maintained. 8 years later and at age 51, I’m in a size 8 and feel 30 years old. My mom is still alive, lives with me, and has now been diagnosed with Alzheimers. I will always thank Aspen for my health to continue to care for her.” (Lost 81 lbs)