Aspen Clinic Houma

” I have always struggled with my weight. I would lose the weight but always gain it back. Since starting
my journey at the Aspen Clinic, I managed to lose 42 lbs in as short as 6 months. I could not have done
this journey on my own. The staff and doctors at Aspen helped guide me with what supplements to take
and what to do different. Now I can still have cheat days and not gain any weight like before. When I
first came upon Aspen, I was not sure if it would work or not, but I still decided to give them a chance.
It’s probably one of the best decisions I have made. Thanks to Aspen Clinic I finally feel comfortable and
confident with myself. “


Aspen Clinic Slidell

” I came to the Aspen Clinic looking for a solution to a life long problem. I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was not only results, but the nutrition information that was more of an education in developing good habits. I will continue until I reach my goal. Every member of the staff that I come in contact with always greets me with a smile and my overall experience is very positive. Office visits are quick and easy. “


Aspen Clinic Harvey

” The Aspen staff has been very kind, responsive, and proactive to my weight loss needs! They are able to work with me and help me reach my weight loss goal. They are also very knowledgeable about the injections, supplements, and nutrition which helps me with my health. Over the years, I’ve struggled with weight loss in my large frame. However, I finally see results that are lasting! They are not just temporary results. Kudos to Aspen Clinic for helping me be more healthy!”


Aspen Clinic Slidell

” I’ve tried many weight loss programs. Aspen has been easy to follow. I’ve considered weight loss surgery, but didn’t want anything that drastic. This has been easy to follow and the people at Aspen are very friendly and knowledgeable (-40 lbs).”


Aspen Clinic Harvey

” Aspen Clinic has a welcoming staff that makes you feel like family from the minute you walk in the door. They are non-judgemental, kind, and encouraging. The staff is knowledgeable in nutrition and will spend as much time as you need to help. The doctors give fast service, get right to the point, and always share a quick story that relates to my feelings that day. I’ve learned a couple of lifestyle habits that I didn’t know were so easy to do. When my struggle with weight gain gets me down, I know when I leave Aspen Clinic I will feel reassured and back on track. I recommend anyone to give Aspen Clinic a try. You’ll only have weight to lose.”


Aspen Clinic Slidell

” I started the weight loss program in May 2019. My success has been consistent since I have followed the instructions/suggestion from the staff of keeping a food log/ diary, exercising at least 30 min a day, and portion control of ‘good/healthy’ foods. The Aspen staff encouragements, professionalism, feedback, and coaching has really encouraged me these last 6 months. I really appreciate all the help and thoughtfulness. I would also like to give a special shout out to Shannon who has been a great motivator since I’ve been coming to this location.”