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” I started my weight loss journey in April of 2019 and now in November 2019 I have lost 102 lbs. I am now and will forever be grateful to the Aspen Clinic. At 351 lbs, walking into any place to face your issues regarding your weight is scary. Upon entering Aspen for the first time, all of those feelings were replaced with a sense of relief that I was in the right place to start my journey. I was greeted with multiple smiling faces and support for my journey from the very the moment I walked in. From the nutrition class which was very knowledgeable, to the video in a local grocery store which showed product examples and recommendations so that when I go to the store I have the tools to make the best decisions about food. They also explained to us in detail about every step of the process as well as the other service they offer such as vitamins and injections. I then saw the doctor who was wonderful and also very supportive about my desire to lose weight. Since my initial visit, I have gone every week to the clinic to weigh in. In doing so, I have not just stepped on their scales, I had the outlet to discuss any and every aspect of my week, whether it was good or bad. No matter how I felt, the wonderful staff at Aspen was nothing but supportive and encouraging to me. this has really helped me get through some really tough times in my journey. The ladies at Aspen have become like family to me and that is crucial in weight loss to have a safe plac eyou can express you thoughts and concerns. I look forward to continuing my journey with Aspen through the end of my weight loss and into the rest of my life. “

Male Patient

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” With the help of the Aspen Clinic and its staff, I’ve lost 25 lbs in 2 months. Working 12 hour shifts and having ids with after school activities, energy was little to none. The supplements and advice from the staff have helped tremendously in my life – more energy and better decisions on what I eat daily.” *This patient preferred to remain anonymous

Female Patient

Aspen Clinic Slidell

” With the help of the Aspen Clinic, staff, encouragement, and focus, I have lost 35 lbs. I couldn’t have done this alone. The smiling faces and supplements have made me have much more determination. The weight loss has had a great impact on my self esteem. ” *This patient preferred to remain anonymous


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” The ladies at the Aspen Clinic are the absolute best. When I came to the clinic, I was 221 lbs after I had been in stuck in bed after a major surgery. I knew I needed help and my mother was so supportive of my wish to make the lifestyle change. The supplements are amazing. The ladies always recommend the best they think will help my body. I can’t wait to continue this journey with this amazing organization. I have never been surrounded by a more supportive group of people in my life. (-32.5lbs)”


Aspen Clinic Houma

” I was trying to lose the weight to be healthy and happy for my son – wanted to be able to play with him without being too tired. I knew I needed a life change. I was losing weight, but had a moment where I needed a boost so I came to the clinic for some extra help. The Aspen Clinic is great!!! The staff is super friendly and makes you feel really comfortable. They make you feel so welcomed without feeling judged!!! Love the Aspen Clinic girls! I recommend them to everyone! Love this clinic – they helped me become the woman I wanted to be for my son! I feel like a whole new woman. Thanks ladies and thanks Aspen! (-30lbs)”


Aspen Clinic Houma

” My name is Nicole Luke when I started coming to the Aspen Clinic I was weighing 202 lbs, and now I’m down 20 lbs to 182. I have a lot more energy and I feel 100% better. I am now in my pants I wore before I had children and I’m loving it! I would recommend the Aspen Clinic to anyone. “