Aspen Clinic Harvey

” I’m 51 years old and I suffer with high blood pressure on 3 different medication, so I knew I needed to make some changes in my lilfe. My family history consists of hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac problems, and I knew what medical challenges I was facing. So in February 2019, I decided to make that phone call to the Aspen Clinic to start my journey. My journey has been wonderful. The entire team of doctors and staff have made me feel so special. The staff is very compassionate towards their clients and goes above and beyond to make sure you understand every aspect of the program. Aspen offers a variety of services, such as this fantastic nutrition class and counseling which help you to understand why certain food groups are best for you. Also, supplements and weekly weigh in’s are offered too. The thing I love most about the staff is they are my #1 motivators and are constantly encouraging me throughout the journey. So far to date, I’ve lost 40 lbs and counting! The weight loss has changed my life tremendously and my hypertension has gotten better. I would recommend that if you’re looking to lose weight, then Aspen is the place to begin. I don’t just look at the Aspen Clinic as a weight loss program, but a lifestyle change program. I’m so happy I made that phone call, it has changed my life forever. “


Aspen Clinic Slidell

” When coming to the Aspen Clinic, I was at a time in my life where I felt like I would try anything. The staff was super friendly and made me feel welcome. They weighed me and came up with a specific meal plan just for me, told me how many calories to eat, and the amount of fluids to intake. Each and every time I come they would notice my progress and praise me for the goals I was meeting. When coming to a stall or standstill, they would offer me products and supplements that would not only help detox my body, but help increase my weight loss. The Aspen Clinic is a great place to come to feel supported in your weight loss journey. The kind people and encouragement make you want to return each month. I started my journey at 210 lbs and now 113 lbs!”


Aspen Clinic Slidell

” My arthritis doctor told me I needed to lose weight because my knees were already beginning to hurt. A friend of mine recommended the Aspen Clinic. The staff there were very friendly and helpful. They are very professional and keep you on track with your dietary plan. This helps me keep my daily nutritional goals in mind. I love the Body Composition Analyzer. This helps you measure your progress. The nutritional counseling is excellent! I need to be reminded each visit! Call for your appointment today! You will be glad you did!”


Aspen Clinic Slidell

” I was one of those lucky people who didn’t need to worry about my weight I was young – I was thin and could pretty much eat whatever I wanted. Unfortunately, I developed thyroid disease as an adult. Then, after my 40s, the weight came. I hadn’t learned much about proper nutrition, so I tried several diets and none worked. I am also a very picky eater so many diets didn’t offer foods I liked, I even tried some diets that offered pre-packaged foods, I lost some weight, but put it back on quickly. The best decision I made was coming to the Aspen Clinic. The staff and nutritional consultants helped me to understand more about how to eat things that were good for me and avoid foods that weren’t. Keeping a food diary enabled me to see what I had been doing wrong in the past. The girls in the office have been so supportive and always have my best interests in mind, especially Shannon and Rita. My self confidence is back and I actually enjoy shopping for clothes again. Aspen Clinic helped change the way I look at food and life! “


Aspen Clinic Slidell

” I’ve always struggled with my weight. I could walk by food on TV and gain weight. At the clinic, they helped me learn how to properly eat, watch portion size, and the best ways to lose. I’ve lost 67 lbs in 5 months and I feel great! Loving the New Me! Clothes look super baggy and tightening my belt and keep trucking. If I can do it then SO CAN YOU!!!”


Aspen Clinic Houma

” About 7 years ago, I had the gastric sleeve done with my BMI at 56, weighing 278 lbs. As years went by, I found very little results, only being very sick. I decided to give Aspen Clinic a try as my last hope to lose weight was fading quickly. Discouraged at my first appointment seeing my initial BMI still over 50. After months of being a member of what I now call my ‘support family’, the education provided, the constant support and encouragement at every single visit, motivates me to keep pushing and trying harder. I am able at any given time to just walk in and see my progress, or if I think I feel that I had a set back, weigh ins are free between appointments. I am greeted with a smile and upbeat staff which makes my overall experience that much better. The doctors are my comfort zone as they all give the best advice and knowledge to achieve the best results. Overall amazing experience and journey. After losing 105 lbs, and my BMI now almost out of the 30s, I strongly recommend Aspen Clinic to anyone. As not everyone is as open about being a patient of Aspen Clinic, they are very discreet and hold the most confidentiality. “