Ditch the dairy!

Did you know that humans are the only species on Earth who continue to drink milk after we wean from breast milk? 

We are also the only species who drink another species’ milk. If you’ve never considered why that may be, it may be time to start re-thinking your recommended 2-3 glasses of cow’s milk per day.

Sure, your grandparents grew up drinking milk every day and your parents told you to drink your milk to get strong bones,


Appetite vs. Hunger


Did you know that appetite and hunger are two completely different things?


  • The physical need for food
  • Occurs with low levels of glucose in your blood, several hours after eating due to a protective mechanism that ensures your body is adequately fueled.


  • The desire for food
  • A conditioned response to food – a sensory reaction to the look or smell of food
  • More closely linked to behavior
  • Stems from your biochemistry and emotional connection to food
  • Influenced by sensory reactions to food
  • Can increase/decrease due to hormones,

Energy & Metabolism Boosting Injections Now Available!

With 30 years in the Louisiana weight loss industry, we’re continually looking for ways to help our clients live healthier lives. This spring, The Aspen Clinic is now providing amazing, energy+metabolism boosting injections! We’re offering two different injections, the Aspen Pure B12 and the Aspen Lipo Extreme.

These injections are available to patients and non-patients and can be easily scheduled on our appointment scheduler. They take 15 minutes and cost $15 or $25 depending on which injection you’d prefer.


Recipe: Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa

To all of our Catholic patients: We made it to the last week of Lent!  We hope you have found some new, healthy, meatless recipes, but if you are looking for something new to try this Friday we have the perfect thing for you!

For our non-Catholic patients:  We have the PERFECT thing for you, too!

If you like salmon and avocado this recipe will not disappoint!  Our favorite thing about it is that it’s completely natural and won’t spike your carbohydrate count while giving you loads of protein and healthy fats.  


The Whole30: Not Just for Weight Loss

At the Aspen Clinic, one of the main things that we pride ourselves on is that we work extremely hard to teach our patients how to eat to be healthy, not just how to eat to lose weight. If you come in to one of our offices to watch the Grocery Store Tour or looked at the foods on the shelves in our classroom you would notice that most of the foods that we promote are completely natural,


Meet Our FitBit Giveaway Winner!

We want to give a big thank you to the 300+ people who participated in our recent FitBit giveaway contest in January!

Susan T. from Parks, La., won the FitBit Alta HR, and she has already started tracking her steps.


Q&A With Our FitBit Winner: Susan T.

Q: What does staying healthy mean to you?

S: I’m only 5’1″, so I feel like it’s important for me to watch my weight.


Post-Mardi Gras Detox

We hope that you had an amazing Mardi Gras and that you were able to avoid the temptation of making it a true Fat Tuesday! Our culture makes it hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle when surrounded by king cakes, alcohol, and savory foods on the parade route, but don’t worry the Krewe of Aspen is here to help you bounce back from any bad decisions that you may have made!


Aspen Clinic Corporate Meeting: Cheers to 30 Years!

The Aspen Clinic is celebrating our 30th anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited!

As you probably know, we have 9 locations across Louisiana from Slidell to Lafayette.  It isn’t often that all 9 of our locations (managers and staff) get the opportunity to get together, but once a year we make it happen.

Every January all 9 clinics meet in Baton Rouge for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon to discuss goals,


10 Tips to Help You Stick to Your 2018 Goals!

Happy New Year!

We are so excited that this year marks 30 YEARS of the Aspen Clinic helping Louisiana lose weight, and this year is all about YOU!  It’s officially one week into 2018 and this post is dedicated to helping you not only set your goals high, but also to helping you stick to them long-term.  We’ve put our brains together with some of our most successful patients to make a list of the 10 best tips to stay on track throughout the year.


Eating for the Season: Winter


It’s that time of year again in Southern Louisiana!  One day it’s 80 degrees and the next there is potential for snow and sleet.  While the weather is completely unpredictable, one thing that can remain consistent is your diet.  It may seem impossible to even grocery shop in some of these freezing temperatures, but it is important to make sure that you are still meal planning and sticking to your grocery list.