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Aspen Clinic's Digest+Detox Pack contains our most cleansing and reparative supplements to improve digestion, overall health, and enhance weight loss.

  • GI Repair repairs the intestinal lining and rebuilds a foundation for the PreProbiotic to repopulate the gut with good bacteria and strengthen the immune system.
  • Healing Fiber provides daily fiber intake to promote regularity and digestive health.
  • Total Digestive Enzymes breaks down consumed foods, ensuring complete digestion.
  • Fat Sugar Enzymes breaks down fats and sugars in consumed foods and within the bloodstream to reduce fat stores, balance blood sugar, and control cravings.

- Improve Digestion & Relieve Distress

- Eliminate Toxins & Promote Cleansing

- Support Gut Health & Boost Immunity

Suggested use: Take 1 pack per day, preferably with biggest meal of the day.


2 Total Digestive Enzymes

1 Fat Sugar Enzymes

1 GI Repair

1 Pre-Probiotic

2 Healing Fiber

*sorted into a daily pack

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