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Lipo Plus crushes food cravings while reducing fat storage, helps suppress appetite, providing the ability to maintain a consistent nutritional intake, even while burning more calories. In addition, the active components send messages to cells reducing fat storage. Together, this quadruple mechanism supports healthy weight management.

Our 4 Key Ingredient Approach

1. Caraliuma Fimbriata (Appetite Suppression): A cactus-like plant with long standing use as a food in India. The cactus was often eaten by the local tribes’ people to ward off hunger when hunting in the forests, which entailed near-fasting for periods of up to 14 days. Its appetite suppressing qualities make it an ideal addition to modern diets that are often calorie heavy.

2. Green Coffee Bean Extract (Slow Fat Absorption): The Green (unroasted) coffee contains Chlorogenic acid (CGA) only found in the bean while it's still raw and full of enzymes. Green coffee bean extract may also reduce the risk of diabetes and other glycemic disorders. Many studies have shown it to slow the absorption of dietary fat and increase metabolism of extra body fat. This form of Green coffee bean extract is decaffeinated. The removal of caffeine with the absence of cafestol and kahweol avoid the risk of side effects often associated to their consumption.

3. Fucoxanthin (Eliminate Abdominal Fat): Fucoxanthin is a type of carotenoid found naturally in edible seaweed such a "wakame" which is used widely in Asian cuisine such as miso soup. Fucoxanthin appears to target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate in which abdominal fat is burned. In test studies Fucoxanthin appeared to show a 10% loss in abdominal fat.

4. Lipase Enzymes (Break Down Fat): Lipase is a plant derived enzyme which breaks down fat that is found in all kinds of raw butters, oils, cheeses and meats. When fats are not properly broken down in the digestive tract they will become stored in the body as our "body fat" or as plaque in the blood stream. This can lead to excess weight gain, strokes and even heart attacks.

Weight Management changes with age. As adults age, their fat cells are designed to start storing more and releasing less. While this is part of the normal aging process for all adults, it is especially true for women. In aging females, fat cells around the mid-section take on the added task of generating estrogen and it is possible that women can lose an average of one pound of muscle per year they age. Over time, this lower muscle density can result in declining metabolism levels making weight loss even more difficult.

Lipo Plus is effective for all ages and especially helps adults overcome age-related weight gain.

To see maximum results and high levels of fat loss: Take in combination with the Liver Kidney, Diuretic Balance, and Aspen Adrenal.

Contains 30 capsules. General use: 1 capsule in the morning or around mid-day. Take 2 capsules per day for appetite control. Can be taken up to 4x per day.

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