“The Aspen Clinic has given me the tools I need to lose weight. Words of encouragement and always smiling faces has given me the confidence to continue on this journey. It’s always a plus when they know you by name when you walk in. “



“Started coming to try to lose because of knee problems and wanted to feel better about myself and the staff has been so nice and encouraging. Just want to feel better about myself and be able to buy clothes in normal stores and not stores for big people. That’s nice and now I can wear T-shirts and have never done that before. Want to continue to lose because have family history of heart trouble. Thanks Aspen for helping. ” (Lost 67.5 lbs)



“The Aspen Clinic has provided a better quality of life for myself and family. The Aspen staff and doctors have been helpful and encouraging with assisting me in my journey to lose weight and become healthier, one of the best decisions I’ve made. “



“After parents passed (Dad 2005/ Mom 2009) just didn’t care or think about how much I weighed until I realized I weighed the same as my mom before she got sick. My friend wanted to come and asked me to come with her and make her stick to it. It was best thing I had done for a while – The staff never judged anyone no matter what the weight – Always polite and will answer any questions you have. Weighing every month makes you very aware of your weight and keep you on your toes. Have taken 3 of the supplements and very helpful in maintaining your weight – I reached my goal and have kept my weight down for almost 8 months. ” (Lost 40 lbs)



“Well when I started this journey, I was trying to just get healthy. I had borderline diabetes and back pain. Now I have started to eat right, love myself more, and feel much better about me. I can go to the gym now with no pain. I love the extra help this program gives, when you feel like you can believe in yourself and keep going. I have lost 40 lbs in 7 months. You should at least give this a try. You would love the staff, they take the time and explain things to you. Start today. Don’t wait any longer. Love yourself. They also have great supplements to jump start you and nutrition counseling if you just don’t know what to change – they can help!”



“I came to Aspen in October of 2016 and wanted to lose 50 lbs. I lost 43 lbs in 7 months and I have kept it off. The staff was very helpful. They showed me things to eat and things not to eat and how to grocery shop. It really helps to keep a food diary. You don’t realize how many calories you eat until you start tracking it and writing it down. I have so much more energy and feel great. I would recommend Aspen Clinic to anyone serious about losing weight.”