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Intestinal Cleanse and Repair supports and repairs the intestinal lining. It removes heavy metal toxins, adds fiber to promote intestinal cleansing, and repairs and prevents ulcers. This product is ideal for those who suffer from intestinal issues, digestive disorders or after taking antibiotics.

Contains the most unique and effective formula for cleansing the bowel naturally and removing unwanted toxins while improving your regularity and supporting the mucosa lining throughout your intestinal tract. The Intestinal Cleanse and Repair formula also has two very important ingredients that make this supplement work so effectively, Chlorella and Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine. Chlorella has the ability to bind with heavy metal and chemicals and hold onto these toxins while fibers carry them out of the body.

Contains 30 capsules. General Use: 1 capsule in the morning. Can be taken up to 3x per day.

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