“I lost 47 lbs in 6 months with the help and care of Aspen Clinic. The staff is top notch and always just so friendly. If you’re ready for a change, I highly recommend paying them a visit. “



I was tired of being overweight and I was tired of my blood sugar running from 350-600 with medication and insulin, so a few months before my 53rd birthday, I decided I was ready to get my health back. So I did some research, and decided to give Aspen a try. From day 1, I was impressed with the staff and their friendliness and helpfulness. They always take their time and help you understand what your body is doing and the best way to stay on track. I love the weekly weigh ins and food journaling; this keeps me accountable for my actions. So far, I am down 22 lbs and my blood sugar is normal, without medication. I am more active – I have even started running. I still have 15 more lbs to lose, but I am so thankful that Aspen has helped me get my weight and blood sugar under control. I am actually getting my health back.”



“I began coming to the Aspen Clinic to try to attain a healthy weight. Not only did the supplements help curb my unhealthy cravings, the doctors and staff were amazing cheerleaders along my journey. The staff is always happy and helpful with a welcoming smile. “



“The staff at the Harvey clinic are the best! Miss Corinthia always has a smile to greet you, is courteous and so polite. Miss Shelly is always ready to answer any questions you have and does a very informative and educational class on food choices and working with the supplements to get the results you want. No matter how busy they are they take the time to help. Truly a blessing with these girls!!!”



“My weight loss journey began in 2014 when I was 40-50 lbs overweight. I was unhappy so I began going to another local weight loss clinic where I was given my first Adipex prescription. I took the medicine for 3 months and saw results, but was never educated on healthy eating or exercise programs to assist me with my weight loss goals. My money was taken and my prescription was written. I had lost 20 lbs when I discovered I was pregnant with my 1st child. After a healthy pregnancy and successful breastfeeding journey, I was 14 months post-partum seeking to lose weight again. I am happy that the clinic I previously visited didn’t have any appointments available on the day I was looking to go because that’s what caused me to call the Aspen Clinic. The staff at the Aspen Clinic is so helpful and encouraging. I was educated on healthy food choices by the doctor as well as exercise programs to do that would help me achieve my weight loss goals. Needless to say I am now very happy and I feel great. I have referred others to Aspen Clinic and will continue to recommend their business to others. (Lost 35 lbs)”



“When I first game to the Aspen Clinic, I was a little nervous/ worried and didn’t know what to expect, but they instantly made me feel very welcomed. From Day 1, I was blown away by Barbie’s knowledge of nutrition. I left class with much more knowledge and ready to take on this lifestyle change… this time I am determined to become healthier, lose weight, and keep it off! Barbie and her team are wonderful. They are very personable and they hold me accountable from week to week. One of my favorite things about the staff, especially my favorite Renee, is that they are so encouraging and uplifting. They motivate me to keep up the hard work week after week. So thanks to Renee, Barbie, and the rest of the team for helping me lose 20 lbs in these first 3 months, but it’s not over yet 🙂 “