The Science of Nighttime Snacking: Effective Weight Loss Strategies

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After a busy day when you get back home and settle down, the first thing you may want to do is grab a snack right before bed. Although there are some who will say snacking right before bed isn’t a great habit, this isn’t entirely true. There are foods you can eat before bed that are packed with nutrients that won’t have adverse health effects.

Benefits of Healthy Late Night Snacking

Eating a small portion of veggies or fruit before going to bed can have positive benefits for your body. For example, if you eat foods high in magnesium like bananas or avocado, you may find yourself being able to fall asleep quicker and feeling more relaxed in the morning.

If you have diabetes, eating foods that are high in protein and that have balanced carbohydrates can be beneficial. Eating plenty of protein can help balance your blood sugar levels. Fruit such as blackberries, jackfruit and even cherries are a great source. 

There are even studies that have found that eating enough fiber before going to bed can help minimize cravings in the morning and can help increase the calories you burn while resting. It’s always important to note that food can be used to work with you to accomplish your health and fitness goals. 

On top of healthy snacks, taking adrenal supplements can be very useful. These supplements can help keep cortisol levels low. This means less stress and anxiety which can help you function better throughout the day.

Learn More About the Science of Nighttime Snacking in Louisiana

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