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Why Fall is a Great Time to Join the Aspen Clinic

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The leaves are changing, the temperatures are a bit less hot, and football is on the TV- it’s fall! Not only is fall one of the best times of the year, it is also the best time to join the Aspen Clinic of Louisiana! Here are a few reasons why we think you should sign up to start your weight loss journey and embrace healthy habits this fall. 

Spend Some Time Outside

There is nothing quite like the crisp air of the fall season. There couldn’t be a more comfortable time to get outside and start exercising! Take a stroll in one of Louisiana’s beautiful parks, or do a little work out in your backyard! Take advantage of the beautiful weather with the help of the Aspen Clinic’s guidance this fall! 

Post-Summer Restart

It is only human to over-indulge on ice cream and cheeseburgers during the summer. Let us help you get back on track, or even start your weight loss journey and work off the last of the summer indulgences! 

Develop Healthy Habits Before the Holidays

It is so hard to stay on track with your weight loss journey when the holidays roll around. If you join the Aspen Clinic before they arrive, you’ll be able to set yourself up with a sturdy foundation of healthy habits! The Aspen Clinic program is based on lifestyle changes, not temporary dieting. Get some tips on how to maintain those changes before temptation strikes! 

Join The Aspen Clinic – We Have 9 Locations in Louisiana

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The Aspen Clinic program is based on lifestyle changes, not temporary dieting. In summary, our program is designed to increase your metabolism and help you develop a new set of eating and activity habits. We will individualize your program according to your daily caloric needs to ensure that you are losing fat and avoiding the loss of lean muscle mass. 
Visit any of our Aspen Clinic locations across Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Covington, Hammond, Harvey, Houma, Lafayette, Metairie, Prairieville, and Slidell, or schedule an appointment today to get started!

The Aspen Clinic vs Noom

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Wondering if the Aspen Clinic’s weight loss program is what will work for you, or if Noom will be more efficient? The Aspen Clinic is here to inform you on how Noom works, and how you can work Noom and The Aspen Clinic program together to change your life completely. 

What is Noom?

Noom is a fitness and weight-loss program. Noom claims to be “the last weightloss program you will ever need.” The Noom app focuses on making changes surrounding dieting. As we have mentioned in a previous post, dieting is never the way to approach weight loss, so it is best to steer clear of that practice and focus on our program at the Aspen Clinic if you are looking for longevity and a true lifestyle change. 

What is the Aspen Clinic?

The Aspen Clinic program is based on lifestyle changes, not temporary dieting. In summary, our program is designed to increase your metabolism and help you develop a new set of eating and activity habits. We will individualize your program according to your daily caloric needs to ensure that you are losing fat and avoiding the loss of lean muscle mass. We also provide in-person support, something an app like Noom cannot provide. 

Join The Aspen Clinic – We Have 9 Locations in Louisiana

Visit any of our Aspen Clinic locations across Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Covington, Hammond, Harvey, Houma, Lafayette, Metairie, Prairieville, and Slidell, or schedule an appointment today to get started!

COVID-19 Re-Opening: Safety and Prevention Plan

We are so excited to announce our re-opening for May 1st, 2020. Our plan is to continue to follow government regulations and best practice for keeping our staff and our patient safe and healthy.

Please read the following information regarding our Safety and Prevention Plan:

Patient Guidelines

  • DO NOT ENTER THE CLINIC – please wait outside the door or in your vehicle and call the office to notify of your arrival and an Aspen Clinic staff member will meet you outside for a brief screening.
  • Patients will be screened PRIOR to entering the clinic:
    • Screening will include:
      • Temperature taken to ensure absence of fever
      • Verbal consent of COVID-19 Questionnaire:
        • Have you or any member of your household had COVID-19?
        • To your knowledge, have you been exposed to anyone with COVID-19?
        • Are you experiencing any symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, or any respiratory impairment?
    • *** If fever detected or yes is answered to any of these questions, patient will not be allowed entry.
  • Patients must wear masks in clinic at all times. If patient arrives without a mask, they will not be allowed entry.
  • Patients will be administered hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the clinic.
  • No guests will be allowed to accompany patients into the clinic.
  • Patients will be encouraged to wear sandals or shoes that are easy to slip on or off to speed up weigh in process. Please limit items brought into clinic to only a small bag, or just keys and form of payment.
  • Only 10 patients will be allowed in the clinic at a time so you may be required to wait outside or in your vehicle, we will try to make your visit as quick as possible.
  • Use of Aspen Clinic bathrooms will be discouraged except for emergencies only. Please alert staff if restroom access is needed and afterwards for sanitation.
  • You will be asked to keep a 6 ft distance from other patients and the doctor when possible.
  • If you would like contactless check out or to expedite your appointment, staff can take payment over the phone during confirm call or prior to appointment.
  • If patient paperwork needs to be updated, patient will be asked to print out paperwork forms from the website and bring completed forms to appointment. 

**** Please respect these policies to protect the health and safety of yourself, other patients, and the Aspen Clinic staff. Any non-compliance with these policies can result in prohibited access to the clinics or a request for you to leave.  ****

We will continue taking extra precautions to provide the safest environment possible for our patients and staff. For any questions about your appointment, please call the clinics directly.

COVID-19 Closure

At The Aspen Clinic, the health and safety of our patients and staff is always our number one priority. With this in mind, it is with a heavy heart that we must close our doors at this time. Your protection during this global pandemic and our societal responsibility to keep the community safe is of upmost importance to us.
We will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak by staying up-to-date with the latest information from the CDC, WHO, and state and federal governments. We will re-open as soon as it is safe and possible for our staff to return to the offices.

Please read the following information about the closure:


  • All appointments from now until our re-open will be cancelled. We will call and text all patients with appointments during the closure to reschedule.
  • You may re-book your appointment online for April and we will notify you if our re-open occurs sooner than that.


  • Supplements will still be available for purchase via our online store
  • Injections will be suspended until clinics re-open. Any previous purchased packages will remain intact and re-activate once we re-open.


  • Patients will be notified of the re-open date via email.
  • You may look for further information on our website www.theaspenclinic.com or on our Facebook page where we will post updates.

We are in a position to prevent the spread of this rapidly moving virus and it is integral for the community that we do our part to slow the spread and protect the health and well-being of our fellow citizens.

Steps to protect yourself from corona virus:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands.
  • Avoid close contact with sick people.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your elbow.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a household cleaning spray or wipe.

NEW at the Aspen Clinic in 2020

2020 is here and we’re so excited to announce new products added to the Aspen Clinic weight loss arsenal! We are now better equipped to help Louisiana reach it’s weight loss and wellness goals in 2020!

Here’s what’s new:

NEW: Supplements

Don’t worry, we kept all of our existing supplements that you love, but we are so excited to introduce these amazing new ones to aid you in your weight loss journey!


  • Description: Aspen Clinic’s AppetiteRx is a natural appetite suppressant sourced from Caralluma Fimbriata, a cactus like plant that was often by ancient peoples to used to ward off hunger on long journeys. Aspen AppetiteRx promotes appetite suppression, increases feelings of satiety, and aids in craving control.
    • Recommended use: Take 1 capsule per meal. 
      •    Appetite Control
      •    Increase Satiety Levels 
      •    Control Cravings


  • Description: Unlike NSAIDS, which damage the liver and disrupt the mucosal lining of the stomach, Aspen Clinic’s Anti-Inflammatory is a safe, effective way of reducing inflammation. Anti-Inflammatory uses the most potent herbal remedies for pain and inflammation including white willow bark, turmeric, epimedium, and resveratrol.
    • Recommended use: Take 1-3 capsules per day as needed.
      •    Reduce Inflammation
      •    Naturally Manage Pain 
      •    Boost Immune Function


  • Description: Aspen B-Complete contains the eight water-soluble B vitamins that are needed to convert fat, carbohydrates and protein to energy. B vitamins are essential in weight loss and as a way to maintain vitality.  B Vitamins are essential for brain development, nerve function, hormone production/regulation, stress reduction and weight management.
    • Recommended use: Take 1-2 capsules per day.
      •    Provides Full B-Complex
      •    Hormone Regulation 
      •    Boosts Energy + Metabolism


  • Description: Aspen MetaBoost contains ActivAMP (adenosine monophosphate) extracted from Ginseng leaf. AMPk regulates energy balance at both the cellular and whole-body levels by direct phosphorylation of metabolic enzymes and transcription factors, AMPK switches on catabolic pathways, such as the uptake of glucose and fatty acids, and their metabolism by mitochondrial oxidation and glycolysis. ActivAmp is the metabolic master switch that instructs the body to start burning fuel for energy instead of storing it and replicates the metabolic and health benefits of exercise. Panax ginseng alone also acts as an adaptogen increasing the body’s resistance to stress, increases stamina and endurance, and acts as a detoxifying and anti-aging agent.
    • Recommended use: Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 mid-day. Max 4 per day.
      •    Major Metabolism Booster
      •    Boosts Energy Levels 
      •    Aids in Muscle Building, Training, Endurance


  • Description: Aspen Clinic’s Lion’s Mane contains Lion’s Mane mushrooms that contain bioactive substances that have beneficial effects on the body, especially the brain, heart and gut. This incredible fungus enhances neurite outgrowth which slows or reverses cell degeneration in the brain, protecting against neurologically disorders. Lion’s Mane mushrooms reduce inflammation in fatty tissue and help prevent and relieve oxidative stress caused by poor nutrition and exposure to chemicals in the environment.
    • Recommended use: Take 1 capsule in the morning.
      •    Enhance Cognitive Function
      •    Reduce Inflammation 
      •    Powerful Antioxidant


  • Description: When losing weight, the bacteria in the gut play a very important role. Aspen Clinic’s Pre-Probiotic provides Prebiotic inulin from chicory root which nourishes and provides a food source for gut bacteria which stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria. In addition, a multi strain 20 Billion CFU Probiotic with a combination of 9 different species of good bacteria to restore the proper balance of flora in the intestinal tract, improve digestion, improve mental health, boost the immune system, reduce allergies, and aid the body in excretion of fats.
    • Recommended use: Take 1-2 capsules per day.
      •    Relieve Digestive Distress
      •    Restore Balance of Gut Bacteria
      •    Boost Immune Function

NEW: ‘Look’ on Products

Not only did we add some amazing new supplements to our best selling product line, we also changed up our labels for a fresh modern look!

NEW: Collagen Based Protein Powder

  • Aspen Clinic’s Collagen Protein is sourced from hydrolyzed collagen peptides and MCT powder from coconut to provide a high quality source of amino acids and ensure proper digestion.  May be used as a meal replacement, snack, or as a protein source post workout. Available in Unflavored, Chocolate, and Vanilla.
  • Recommended use: Add 1 or 2 scoops of powder to any hot or cold beverage.
    • 10 g Collagen + MCT
    • Meal Replacement or Snack
    • Supports Hair, Skin, Nails, & Joints

NEW: Patient Loyalty Program

Over the years, we’ve done several different things to help our loyal patients save money throughout the weight loss journey. Now we introduce a patient loyalty program to make it a little easier!

Must come consecutively to be applied. Cannot be combined with other offers.
We appreciate you!

Let the Aspen Clinic help you make 2020 your best year ever!

Come check out all things NEW at the Aspen Clinic now!

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Meet Our FitBit Giveaway Winner!

We want to give a big thank you to the 300+ people who participated in our recent FitBit giveaway contest in January!

Susan T. from Parks, La., won the FitBit Alta HR, and she has already started tracking her steps.


Q&A With Our FitBit Winner: Susan T.

Q: What does staying healthy mean to you?

S: I’m only 5’1″, so I feel like it’s important for me to watch my weight. I think eating right and getting daily exercise are important for that.

Q: How have you been using your FitBit?

S: It’s been great. I use it to track my heart rate and steps. I shoot for 10,000 every day.

Q: Do you work on your feet?

S: I’m a teacher’s aid for our parish, so I get a lot of steps in every day.

Q: What does it mean, for you, to “eat healthy?”

S: For me, I stay away from stuff like white breads and rice. I also eat lots of salads, fruits, and vegetables.

Q: You’ve been to the Aspen Clinic before. What do you like about the clinic?

S: The people are very friendly there. They give you good feedback on their products, and it keeps your weight down. If you follow their meal plan and take their recommendations, it works!


Be a Winner: Like The Aspen Clinic on Facebook

Our team at The Aspen Clinic is constantly inspired by people like Susan who take charge of their health and value healthy lifestyles. If you would like more information about our products and services, contact any of our Aspen Clinic locations today, or read more at theaspenclinic.com.

Cheers to 30 Years!

The Aspen Clinic is celebrating our 30th anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited!

As you probably know, we have 9 locations across Louisiana from Slidell to Lafayette.  It isn’t often that all 9 of our locations (managers and staff) get the opportunity to get together, but once a year we make it happen.

Every January all 9 clinics meet in Baton Rouge for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon to discuss goals, the previous year, the upcoming year, and most importantly, spend some time together.  Our annual meeting ALWAYS starts with a prayer led by our owner Steve Dupuis.  The prayer was followed by a brief story about how Mr. Steve started the Aspen Clinic and how he has gotten to where he is today.

Since we don’t see each other very often, each office takes a moment to stand up and introduce themselves.  It’s always fun to be able to put faces to the names we hear every day over the phone.  Next up, Mr. Steve and his daughter Barbie, the Vice President of Aspen Clinic, give out awards to the employees and clinics who stood out for the year.

Here are the winners:

Part-time Employee of the year: Ashleigh from Harvey

Full-time Employee of the year: Cassidy from Hammond

Salesperson of the year: Brenda from Slidell

Phone Professional of the year: Julianna from Metairie

Manager of the year: Stacy from Lafayette and Aspen Clinic’s 1st employee from 1988!

Top Sales Clinic: Baton Rouge

2017 Clinic of the Year: Baton Rouge

Since we are celebrating our BIG 30th anniversary, we surprised Mr. Steve with a video of each staff member saying thank you for all that he and his family have done for us and shared some of our favorite memories of Aspen Clinic through the years.  The fun continued with a Family-Feud style game where the employees were tested on their knowledge of our supplements, products, program, and medications.  The game got pretty competitive but Shelly’s team took the prize!

We finished up on a more serious note discussing goals and strategies for the upcoming year.  We were introduced to a few new products that you will soon see in our offices.  We are so excited to share all of this new  information with all of you!  To see more photos from our meeting visit our Facebook page.

Congratulations, Mr. Steve on a successful 30 years!

We can’t wait to make 2018 the best year yet!

Aspen Employees: Fitbooker Besties!

You have a 95% higher chance of a achieving a goal with a partner


One of the best tips we ALWAYS give to our patients is to find a partner, whether it’s your spouse, co-worker, friend, or family member, losing weight is easier as a team.  Keeping each other accountable with workouts, meal planning, and food journaling is the number one way to stay on track.  One of favorite tools is a 12-week food journal called Fitbook.


Two of our employees from the Metairie office started using the Fitbook at the beginning of the year and have now completed 3 books!  Nikki, the manager, and Veronica, a nutritional counselor, were recently featured on the Fitbook’s blog discussing their experience using the book, why using it together made them more successful, and all of their favorite things about Fitbook.

To read more about their story click here!


Stop in any of our 9 locations or visit our online store to get a Fitbook for you and your bestie today!


Aspen Employees Continuing Education

Last week the employees of Aspen Clinic were surprised with a visit from Mr. Randy, the mastermind behind each of our supplements. Mr. Randy has been formulating our supplements since 2011. We were incredibly lucky to meet him and get the opportunity to incorporate his expertise into our program.  His clients consist of professional athletes and sports teams, including some of the world’s top PGA golfers, cancer patients, people diagnosed with “irreversible diseases”, and many others taking an all-natural, holistic approach to their health.  These are just a few of the reasons we were so excited to get the opportunity to work alongside Mr. Randy to offer the most natural products to our patients.

Since working with Mr. Randy to re-formulate all of our supplements we have seen unbelievable results not only in our patients’ weight loss, but also overall health. Our patients have experienced changes in digestive health, mental health, discontinuation of prescription medications, and even some reversal of disease.

At the Aspen Clinic we are always continuing our education, whether it’s trying new products or researching the latest trends in weight loss, we do our best to stay up-to-date and informed. However, nothing compares to getting the chance to see our products working first-hand. When Mr. Randy went to each Aspen location he did a blood analysis on every employee and was able to give us feedback on deficiencies, problems with digestion, and make supplement recommendations based off of these results. It was eye opening for the employees who got to participate for the first time. Many employees discovered B-Vitamin and Iron deficiencies, while others learned the importance of taking digestive enzymes.  The employees who had met Mr. Randy in the past were able to see the effects of implementing his recommendations into their daily regimen.

Abby, from the Metairie location, was able to see the benefits of our Total Digestive Enzymes within just 30 minutes of taking 2 capsules.  Before taking enzymes, her red blood cells were clumped together and unable to flow freely due to the high amounts of undigested protein in her blood. The enzymes immediately went into effect and we were able to see a visible change when he took her blood the second time (post enzymes).




The first photo shows Abby’s blood as Rouleaux blood.  Rouleaux blood is a roll of red blood cells (RBC’s) resembling a pile of coins, which can be caused by protein indigestion and physical/mental stress.  Rouleaux causes poor circulation of blood and therefore decreases the amount of oxygen and nutrients available for the body to use.  This condition produces symptoms of fatigue, weakness, poor digestion, and possible edema.  The second photo is approximately 30 minutes post taking our Total Digestive Enzymes and shows her RBC’s already separating and no longer stacked together.  The digestive enzyme protease, used to digest protein, is quickly hard at work removing undigested proteins from her blood.  The small white dots in the middle of her RBC’s indicate an Iron deficiency.  Abby was recommended to take 2 Total Digestive Enzymes with each meal and add 2 capsules of Aspen Iron to her daily routine.

We recently did a blog post on the difference between natural and synthetic supplements (Natural vs. Synthetic Supplements & Why It Matters), and we all preach to our patients that taking synthetic vitamins can be detrimental to their health. While all of our employees are educated on the importance of taking all-natural, whole food based supplements, being able to see them working in their own bodies made the staff even more eager to teach our patients about the benefits our supplements provide.

Our staff is dying to tell you what they learned about our products, so make sure you ask which supplements will be best for you at your next Doctor’s visit!


Here’s a couple more photos from Mr. Randy’s visit: