Aspen Clinic Fitbook

Aspen Employees: Fitbooker Besties!

You have a 95% higher chance of a achieving a goal with a partner


One of the best tips we ALWAYS give to our patients is to find a partner, whether it’s your spouse, co-worker, friend, or family member, losing weight is easier as a team.  Keeping each other accountable with workouts, meal planning, and food journaling is the number one way to stay on track.  One of favorite tools is a 12-week food journal called Fitbook.


Two of our employees from the Metairie office started using the Fitbook at the beginning of the year and have now completed 3 books!  Nikki, the manager, and Veronica, a nutritional counselor, were recently featured on the Fitbook’s blog discussing their experience using the book, why using it together made them more successful, and all of their favorite things about Fitbook.

To read more about their story click here!


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