Fall into shape

How to FALL Back Into Shape

Basic fact: It’s hard to not love fall. There’s the crisp, fresh air, the excitement of new beginnings, the pumpkin everything…you get the idea. But aside from pumpkin latte-induced giddiness, there’s a whole separate reason to love the season: It’s a perfect time to get yourself in gear and start achieving your weight-loss goals.

Call it a pre-emptive strike: Unless you are inhuman, you will likely end up eating your fair share of sugary seasonal treats. And knowing this, you can get extra-fit in the fall so that by the time winter rolls around, you’ll be in such good shape that you will be better able to handle the temptation of all those pies and cookies. Having a couple months of eating well and exercising under your belt will make it easier to stick with these healthier habits through the holidays. Plus, that way, you won’t start the new year with new pounds. Score!

 10 Great Tips for Weight Loss this Fall

  1. Get committed
    Visualize the next two or three months as a time to really get a weight loss routine and structure back before the black hole of weight loss begins between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Make getting healthier into one of your biggest priorities as the first step.
  2. Drink at least half your body weight in oz of water every day
    If you would hit this water requirement every day, you will notice differences in your skin, hunger, energy, and digestion. Every single part of your body needs water to properly function, so nothing is more helpful or quenching to your health than making this change. Don’t like water?? SO WHAT! Learn to like it because your body needs it.
  3. Make smart food choices
    If you find following a diet plan to be too difficult, it’s time to at least make better choices. You can boost weight loss by avoiding white flour products, refined sugar, carbonated drinks, and fried foods and trading these for protein, vegetables, and lower sugar fruits.
  4. MAKE TIME for exercise
    Our schedules may be busy, but never too busy for physical activity. Make your goal to do some sort of activity for at least 30 minutes, 6 days a week. Adding muscle mass will help burn fat faster, and exercise will make you feel better, look better, tone you, and give you numerous health benefits so GET MOVING.
  5. Make sure to eat enough
    Obviously we want to cut down the amount of food we’re consuming, but not too much. Make sure to eat 3 meals a day, or at least 1200 calories per day to maintain proper metabolic functions and to avoid plateauing.
  6. Plan, plan, plan
    The tendency to reach for the packaged food or drive thru the fast food restaurant comes from people’s belief that they “do not have time” to get something healthier. Make time in your week to plan out your meals, pick healthier choices from the grocery store, and count out the calories for your day ahead of time to prevent making excuses for consuming the unhealthy, calorie dense, and “easier” foods.
  7. Drink wisely
    One of the easiest and fastest ways to lose weight is to cut out (or cut back) the alcohol. Alcohol causes weight gain due to its sugary effect of insulin resistance. That beer or margarita after the big football game may taste great, but also contains plenty of calories and little to no nutritional value – so give it (and your liver) a break.
  8. Sleep more, stress less
    When trying to slim down, hitting the pillow is just as important as hitting the gym! Both stress and lack of sleep affect the production of hormones that impair your metabolism, liver function, and fat release so aim for at least 7-9 hours every night! Getting more sleep helps to burn more calories, boost fat loss, improve focus, and boost your metabolism.
  9. Get OUTSIDE
    The sun is out, cool fronts are starting to come through, and the great outdoors are waiting for you! Go walk, bike, swim, hike, run, garden, anything, just get moving! Being outside not only improves mood and relieves stress, but also helps burn more calories, burn fat, all while having a good time!
  10. Accept the fact that your lifestyle needs to change
    To lose weight for good, you have to know that you can’t go back to your old eating habits. You need to change your lifestyle in order to change your life so set some goals, eat right, drink right, sleep right, move more, and stick to it! YOU CAN DO THIS.


Good luck and have a great fall season with the new you!