Olympic Workout

Olympic Workout

Who says you have to be a world-class athlete to get in a workout during the Olympics? If you tune in to watch contenders from around the globe go for the gold, don’t skip your own workouts. Use our fun Olympics Workout Game to squeeze in some fitness while you watch. We can’t promise you’ll be as fast as Usain Bolt or have shoulders like Michael Phelps, but we do think you’ll enjoy this fun workout.
Try this workout during tonight’s competitions or while you watch any Olympic event in the future.

Every time the call or action on the left happens, perform the exercise listed on the right.

When You See This… Do This

A world record is set: 25 jumping jacks

Any mention of “mom” or “family”: 10 push ups

TV cuts to a sport you don’t: 30 seconds downward dog stretchComing from a former gymnast, this should have been a 10 (or 16.5)! Whichever scoring you prefer, this was perfect.

Flashbacks to previous Olympics: 30 seconds jogging in place

Shots of disappointed coaches/athletes: 10 single leg hops

Mentions of sponsors: 50 crunches

A crazy, patriotic hairstyle: 10 walking lunges

Royal family sightings: 10 burpees

Training/ life montages of athletes: 10 chair tricep dips

Retired star athlete spotted in stands: 30 seconds high knees

Commentator says “sacrifice” or “hard work”: 30 seconds faux jump roping

Sightings of famous Rio landmarks: 15 back extensions (Superman)

Shots of moms/ loved ones crying in the stands: 10 bridges

Your country’s national anthem: 45 second wall sit

Your favorite athlete wins bronze: 20 reverse crunches

Your favorite athlete wins silver: 60 second plank

Your favorite athlete wins gold: 20 burpees

You hear a foreign language that you speak: 10 push ups

A perfect score: 20 push ups

False starts or other penalties: 20 bicycle crunches