Advantages of In-Person Weight Loss Programs

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Adopting a healthy lifestyle and better eating habits are both necessary components to losing weight. Managing these things can be tough especially for those who aren’t sure how to get started or stay on track. This is where joining an in-person weight loss program, like the Aspen Clinic, can be really helpful. 

At the Aspen Clinic we offer in-person medical and non-medical weight loss programs based on what your needs are. There are plenty of benefits to joining an in-person program because you’ll get to work with licensed professionals and meet other people in your position. 

Benefits to In-Person Weight Loss Programs

  • In-person support- Losing weight is not an easy thing to do and it can definitely get frustrating if you aren’t seeing the results you want. Joining an in-person program can help you build relationships with other people in the program who might be struggling too and can offer support. 
  • Accountability- You’re able to hold yourself more accountable and stay on track with an in-person program. With online programs it can be easier to make excuses and not follow through, sometimes knowing you have to show up somewhere for yourself and for your health can be the push you need. 
  • Supervision- When you are supervised by a doctor or nutritionist it’s not only safer and more effective, it can also help you become less discouraged if you aren’t seeing results you want. When supervised you are more likely to follow good eating habits and follow an exercise plan instead of falling back into bad habits.

A program custom for your needs- In-person medical weight loss programs are customized based on the individual and their needs. Your doctor will design a personalized program based on factors like current weight, lifestyle, and general health. 

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The Aspen Clinic program is based on lifestyle changes, not temporary dieting. In summary, our program is designed to increase your metabolism and help you develop a new set of eating and activity habits. We will individualize your program according to your daily caloric needs to ensure that you are losing fat and avoiding the loss of lean muscle mass. 

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