Does Weight Loss Cause Hair Loss?

Ask The Aspen Clinic: Does Weight Loss Cause Hair Loss?

If you’re experiencing hair fall after shedding pounds, know that it’s a common occurrence. At the Aspen Clinic, we understand how distressing it can be to notice hair thinning, but we promise it’s nothing to worry about! Telogen Effluvium, or hair loss caused by weight loss, considerable stress, or substantial changes to your body’s composition, is usually temporary. Read on to discover what causes hair fall when losing weight, how to prevent it, and how to bounce back! 

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Why Does Weight Loss Affect Your Hair?

While many causes of hair fall after weight loss can be attributed to the rapid fat burning that crash diets or extreme exercise trigger, excess stress that changes your hormone levels or nutrient balance is the main culprit. When your body somatically sustains stress, it will often sacrifice hair growth in attempts to reach biochemical and hormonal equilibrium. Additionally, people who experience little to no stress but operate in a calorie deficit may see thinning or shedding hair a few months following their initial weight loss. 

Thank God It’s Reversible!

There’s good news! As your body adjusts to your new weight and nutrient levels stabilize, your hair should regrow. However, this process might take several months before you begin noticing improvements. In the meantime, practice patience and care for your body through proper nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep hygiene, and our biotin-embedded B-Complete product that supports hair and nail growth like no other! Just remember: stressing and obsessing over the hair fall will probably only lend itself to more stress-induced hair loss!

How Do I Prevent Hair Loss During Weight Loss?

Avoid advanced Telogen Effluvium while shedding pounds by approaching weight loss gradually. Get enough protein, vitamins, and minerals. Avoid crash diets–they can accelerate hair thinning–and consult us before beginning your weight loss journey. If hair loss concerns you to the point of causing even more anxiety or stress, make sure to contact your closest dermatologist and general practitioner for advice and reassurance. 

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