FitBook: Why We Love It


FitBook: Why We Love It

We are officially two weeks in to the New Year!

Are you still keeping up with your with your resolutions?  Have you given into any cravings, skipped a work out, or failed to meal plan?

Don’t worry!

We have a solution to solve all of your goal setting, meal planning, and time management issues.  It’s called the Fitbook and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

What is a Fitbook?

  • A 12-week fitness and nutrition journal that allows you to set goals, plan meals and workouts, track progress, and even set rewards for reaching your goals each week.
  • The Fitbook also includes a space to record daily workouts, food log, track sleep, and keep track of your supplement intake.
  • Weekly wrap-up pages allow Fitbookers to reflect on the good and bad of each week, record if goals were met, and journal any thoughts and inspiration.

Why the Aspen Clinic LOVES the Fitbook

If you know anything about our program, you know that we are HUGE believers in goal setting!  We have watched our patients set and reach goals for almost 30 years and there’s no denying it; writing down your goals gives you a 60% higher chance of achieving it.

So of course when we came across the Fitbook we knew it was something we had to share with our patients.  What more could we ask for?  Not only does it provide our patients with a food and exercise log (which you all know is a major part of our program) but also, our favorite feature, a space to record goals.  Short term as well as long term!  Our little goal setting hearts are just melting thinking of all of you writing down your goals each week! Not to mention, 76% of Fitbookers lose weight. Image result for fitbook quote

Then of course, not only do WE love it, but our patients do too! Fitbook allows them to tie in several aspects of our program including lifestyle change, goal setting, food journal-ing, and maintaining a positive attitude!

If you want something to keep you driven towards your weight loss goals in 2017, our Fitbook is the first thing you need to get your hands on.

Why YOU Would LOVE the Fitbook

You already know the Aspen Family loves the Fitbook, but here are a few reasons why we think you would love it too:

Write it Down, Make it Happen!

(or at least that’s what we always say) The Fitbook is the ultimate goal setting tool, allowing you to set goals for a 12 week period in terms of nutrition, activity, body weight, body fat percentage, and other goals as well! Also, each week you set goals and make a plan for that week and then recap at the end of the week.

There’s a Place for Everything!

Goal setting, food tracking, sleep logging – oh my! Each day in the Fitbook gives you a place to record all of your meals, how you felt about each meal, snacks, water intake, physical activity, hours slept, and overall nutrients consumed. This amount of detail allows you to truly be in touch with your health and how well (or not so well) you take care of your body each day.

Accountability Factor

Setting goals each week and making a plan gets your mind ready to achieve them! Also, writing down everything you eat and tracking your activity makes you aware of eating patterns that need work and days that you need to move a little more.

A Little Motivation Never Hurt Nobody

Weight loss is a tough journey for most, but the Fitbook helps keep you motivated through little notes, quotes, and “you cans” on each page of the book – keeping you constantly motivated throughout your 12 week journal.

Are you convinced yet?

Hands itching for a Fitbook?

Stop in to one of our nine locations or visit our online store to pick up yours and get started on your 12-week journey today!

“An idea is just a dream until your write it down… Then it’s a goal.”

 – anonymous

** Special thanks to Angela Mader, creator of Fitbook, and her fitlosopshy family for giving us this amazing product. **


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