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April product of the month Power Pack

Shop for the Power Pack Today

Aspen Clinic is excited to present our product for the month of April, the Power Pack. It was created to streamline your wellness routine and combines four best selling supplements into a convenient and easy to use daily regimen. Spend less time sorting through random vitamins and more time enjoying the benefits of staple vitamins sure to improve how you look and feel. 

What is Included in the Power Pack? 

The Power Pack includes Liver Kidney, Lipo Plus, Diuretic Balance and an Adrenal supplement. When used, these supplements will act to reduce your stress levels, detox your body, increase fat burning and alleviate water retention. 

We live in a world where it’s easier to eat unhealthy foods that can cause hormonal imbalance along with a host of other issues. When you use our supplements consistently, you give your body a fighting chance to recover from the stress of junk food and boost your overall system. 

Join Our Weight Loss Clinic in Louisiana

The Aspen Clinic prides itself on offering realistic solutions to weight loss and improving your health. We know that life gets busy and it can be hard to balance exercising and a healthy diet, along with getting the crucial vitamins and nutrients your body needs to work properly. 

Our resources such as the Power Pack along with many of our other supplements are designed with top quality ingredients to work in tandem with your body versus fighting against the grain. With nine different locations across Louisiana we invite you to contact our team to learn more about the power pack today! 

Shop for the Power Pack Today