Ways to Get Your Steps in During the Holiday Season

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With the holiday season in full swing everyone is busier than ever and it might be hard to find time to get those extra steps in. Luckily the Aspen Clinic of Louisiana is here with a few festive tips to help you get your body moving during the Christmas season. 

Get Your Steps in While Getting Things Done 

There are actually a few really simple ways to get moving that you may not have even thought of. The first tip is to park farther away from the store while doing your holiday shopping. This is a great way for you to get those steps in while still getting things done and crossing people off your shopping list. 

Fun and Festive Ways to Include the Whole Family

Taking a walk around your neighborhood to see all of the Christmas lights is also a great way to get in the spirit while also getting exercise. This is a great way to burn a few calories after having dinner and you can even include the whole family. 

Another great tip that you can enjoy with the whole family is to dance to some of your favorite holiday songs. There are plenty of Christmas songs playing on the radio so grab the family and make it a fun way to break a sweat!

Do a Holiday Fun Run

A holiday fun run is a great and festive way to get moving during the holiday season. The Downtown Christmas Run is a 5k run being held in Shreveport on Thursday December 15 and could be the perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit. This unique 3 loop course takes you on a scenic run past thousands of Christmas lights lining the course, tons of Christmas decorations, and Christmas music playing throughout.


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