Best Cardio For Weight Loss

Find The Best Cardio for Your Weight Loss Goals

While each form of cardio that The Aspen Clinic suggests here is a great approach to cardio, we encourage you to find the activity that’s right for you and creates a sense of peace and accomplishment in you despite what the scale reads. Continue reading to learn about awesome calorie-burning activities like walking, swimming, jumping rope, hiking, and running!

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Ignite Your Body’s Energy With a Walk

Walking is a super accessible, low-impact form of cardio that doesn’t stress your joints. Walking has a number of benefits, like decreasing heart disease and stroke risks, increasing weight management ability, and powering up your metabolism and calorie-burning ability. The endorphins that your body produces when walking outdoors isn’t too shabby either. 

Dive Into Swimming

Swimming is a full-body cardio exercise that makes laps at your community center pool or local beach an exercise in diving into wellness, upliftment, and a simultaneous feeling of calm. If you didn’t know by now, reduced stress levels and improved mental clarity significantly promote your weight loss goals–so hop into the pool today!

Experience Lightness While Jumping Rope

One of the best ways to engage in cardio, jumping rope encourages your body and heart to build stamina and strength. Even if the scale doesn’t immediately reflect changes, it doesn’t need to: rope-jumping benefits aren’t always visible, but they’re amazing for your health.

Hiking Your Way To Health

Once you’ve got more of a hold on your aerobic stamina and overall fitness, traversing uneven terrain and inclines when hiking in Louisiana is a healthy challenge for your heart and lungs. Some benefits of hiking include the sculpting and stimulation of your legs, glutes, and core muscles. Generally speaking, hiking is an excellent way to burn calories, see and connect to nature, and tone up!

Embrace Your Pace While Running

Probably the toughest of the exercises to perform consistently, running or jogging–especially outdoors–empowers you to embrace your personal rhythm. It works to incinerate calories, enhance well-being, and alleviate stress. Remember, if immediate physical results aren’t observable—persistence and consistency can be, and they’ll help carry you to weight loss. Remember to stretch beforehand and after!

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