The Importance of Speaking With a Nutrition Counselor When Trying to Lose Weight

Optimizing Weight Loss With an Aspen Clinic Nutrition Counselor

When it comes to achieving weight loss goals and integrating healthier nutrition into your life, seeking a nutrition counselor’s guidance can be a gamechanger. Whether it’s recommended by your doctor or it stems from a personal decision, consulting with our dietary team provides you with personalized advice on culinary choices that can optimize your weight loss journey. Keep reading to discover why!

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Building Personal Connection and Personal Insight With Nutrition 

Whether you’re aiming to improve eating habits, manage food allergies, address digestive issues, or require nutritional support for conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or high cholesterol, your nutrition counselor will work with you as a partner to identify your goals and limitations. Providing you with practical yet tailored information, your dietary specialist will gather specific details about you and your current lifestyle. Here are some crucial aspects you’ll consider in and outside of the kitchen:

  • Current diet and sleep and habits
  • Cultural and traditional food choices
  • Eating frequency, portion sizes, and meal timings
  • Dining locations and culinary skills
  • Budgetary considerations for groceries
  • General health and medical history
  • Medications and supplements 
  • Height, age, and weight to assess nutrient needs
  • Exercise frequency and intensity

Once our nutrition team understands you and your relationship to food, we’ll help you set realistic weight loss goals.

Creating Lasting Dietary Changes With The Aspen Clinic

Many Aspen Clinic clients find medical nutrition consultations instrumental in their weight loss journey. Our nutrition team provides personalized daily calorie intake plans for steady and healthy weight loss, along with recommendations like our diuretic balancing supplements or our appetite-regulating package of the month, designed specifically for optimal adrenal, diuretic, and hunger balancing. Additionally, we support you in creating and planning a nutritious and well-balanced diet on the daily, empowering you to make healthy lifestyle changes that you can actually sustain.

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Get Nutritional Support at The Aspen Clinic in Louisiana 

At The Aspen Clinic, we love to see our clients level up with a nutrition counselor when embarking on their weight loss journey. Take the first step towards a healthier future by scheduling an appointment with our knowledgeable team today at any one of our convenient Baton Rouge, Covington, Hammond, Harvey, Houma, Lafayette, Metairie, Prairieville, and Slidell locations in the great Creole State.