Maximize Weight Loss With Our January Product of the Month

Weight loss supplements

Lipo Plus

Are you prepared to start your health journey towards weight loss and achieve your health and fitness objectives this year? Look no further than our weightloss clinic, with nine locations across Louisiana. This month we’re proud to spotlight Lipo Plus, designed to optimize your weight loss efforts and set you on a path towards a healthier version of yourself. 

As we enter the new year, many of us make resolutions to prioritize our health and well-being. Whether you aim to shed those holiday pounds or embark on a weight loss journey for overall health. No matter the reason, our clinics can support you every step of the way. 

Lipo Plus is not only our spotlight supplement, but also our number one best selling product. It was designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Using this product is a great way to efficiently lose weight even when you have other priorities. 

Boost Your Weight Loss with Lipo Plus

This supplement greatly reduces food cravings and suppresses appetite. In addition to helping you manage your eating habits, active ingredients in this supplement work together to reduce fat storage.

The four key ingredients of this supplement are Caralluma Fimbriata, green coffee bean extract, Fucoxanthin and lipase enzymes. These ingredients help to ward off hunger, slow down fat absorption, eliminate abdominal fat, and do an overall fat break down. Lipo Plus along with our other resources is a great way to get on the right track to a healthier you.

Join One of Our Clinics in Louisiana 

Ready to make your dream body a reality? The Aspen Clinic is proud to present a wide range of resources to make your health journey all the more obtainable. Located in nine locations in Louisiana, it’s our goal to make weight loss feasible and an enjoyable experience. Contact us using our directory on the locations page to learn more about resources we offer. 

Lipo Plus

Appetite Control Supplements

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Weight Loss Supplements

At the Aspen Clinic, we understand life gets busy, making it hard to stay on top of your health. For this reason, we’ve created natural, food-based supplements designed to boost weight loss and improve your overall health. Void of synthetic ingredients produced in a lab, these products are made from ingredients you can find at your local grocery store, farm, or garden. We continually emphasize the importance of rejuvenating your body with what nature provides, which is why our supplements can be taken together and with additional medications. Here’s a closer look at three of our top products and the benefits they offer. 


The AppetiteRx is a natural appetite suppressant sourced from Caralluma Fimbriata, which falls into the succulent plant family. Its natural properties help to improve appetite control, and increase feelings of satiety. 

This plant has ties to India and was often a staple food, providing rich taste and nutrition. One of the most significant benefits of this plant is hunger control, with studies showing ample results for those who consumed Caralluma Fimbriata. A human clinical study in Australia found, during a 12-week time period with 43 subjects in a placebo-controlled environment, those given Caralluma Fimbriata, had a reduction in abdominal fat, and reduced sodium intake in combination with healthy diet and exercise. 

Lipo Plus

Lipo Plus is an amazingly effective supplement, made to decrease food cravings and reduce fat storage. It has four top ingredients:

  • Caralluma Fimbriata for appetite suppression
  • Green coffee bean extract slows fat absorption
  • Fucoxanthin eliminates abdominal fat
  • Lipase Enzymes helps to break down fat 

All together, these ingredients help you to better manage eating habits and have consistent weight loss. 

Fat Sugar Enzymes 

Fat Sugar Enzymes is a supplement made to burn and digest dietary fat. In contrast to synthetic fat-blockers which can cause harm, this product is made to work in harmony with your body. By utilizing the purest available source of lipase, these enzymes provide you with the fat-digesting enzymes normally found in raw fats.

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All supplements are available online and at all of our weight loss clinics in Louisiana. Schedule an appointment at one of our nine locations to work with our health professionals to create a plan best fitting your weight loss goals. 

Weight Loss Supplements

Chomps Jerky Snack Sticks

New at the Aspen Clinic!

If you’ve been in to any of our 9 Aspen Clinic locations recently you probably noticed that we have a new product in our offices! 

We are so excited to announce that we are now selling Chomps Snack Sticks! 

When it comes to healthy snacking, it’s hard to beat jerky… but only if it’s made right.  

If you’ve never heard of Chomps, they’re made from high quality protein that look similar to a Slim Jim, but they are made from animals who were raised in a free range environment and consumed only vegetarian diets.  The original beef and jalapeño beef are made from 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef and the turkey flavors are sourced from only free-range , antibiotic-free turkey.  

Chomps Jerky is made with 100% all-natural ingredients without the unnecessary fillers (no pork!) that big-name brands like to use which makes Chomps the highest quality jerky on the market.  You don’t even have to worry about added preservatives because Chomps uses celery juice to make sure their jerky stays fresh!

Aside from the great taste and all-natural ingredients, Chomps aligns perfectly with our nutritional program. Each and every one of Chomps’ products are filled with 9g of protein, more than most jerky sticks.  They’re also made with no added sugars or gluten, there’s no MSG, no fillers, nitrates, binders, or added preservatives.  Every flavor is 1g of carbohydrate or less and are all super lean!  These are the PERFECT option for anyone who often skips breakfast because the macronutrients are almost identical to an egg or just the perfect snack when you’re hungry between meals! 

Stop in to any of our offices today to try one!

  • 9g protein 
  • No added sugars
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No gluten
  • No MSG
  • No Fillers
  • No Binders
  • No added preservatives
  • Less salt
  • No nitrates
  • Whole30 Approved
  • Keto and Paleo friendly

Flavors Available:

  • Original Beef
  • Original Turkey
  • Hoppin Jalapeno Beef
  • Jalapeno Turkey
  • Salt and Pepper Venison

Here’s to healthy Chomping!