What Burns Belly Fat?

Ask The Aspen Clinic: What Burns Belly Fat?

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, not only affects how we feel about ourselves, it can also indicate various health risks. Understanding why it accumulates and knowing how to combat it can be the key to achieving your weight-loss goals with the Aspen Clinic.

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What Is Belly Fat And How Does It Accumulate?

Belly fat builds for several reasons: genetics, lack of exercise, and negative changes in your hormonal regulation. However, more often than not, when we consume more calories than our bodies burn, the excess transforms into fat and can concentrate in the abdominal region. Later, you can see a greater belly compounding effect with added stress and lack of sleep–which all work together to trigger cortisol release, a stress hormone that contributes to belly fat storage. The Aspen Clinic can provide you with a great adrenal stress management product if you’re committed to controlling harmful, fat-promoting hormonal excesses!

How Can I Burn Belly Fat: Taking The Gentle Path to Weight Loss

While high-intensity workouts are popular for their belly-burning potential, low-intensity exercises also play a crucial role in flattening your stomach. Walking, swimming, hiking, and biking at a moderate pace engage your core and encourage fat metabolism. There’s also the option to balance cardio activities with weight lifting! Because lifting weights involves longer-term calorie burning, it’s an excellent way to reset your metabolism and passively burn calories. 

Dairy-Free Foods For Burning Belly Fat Fast

Avoiding dairy helps accelerate belly fat reduction. Going dairy-free can also help you field bloating or inflammation sensations that lactose can create. Opting for dairy-free alternatives can help alleviate these issues and encourage a flatter belly. Over the course of 3-6 months, try out recipes with the following ingredients and watch your body transform:

  • Avocados and virgin olive oil
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Spinach, kale, and Swiss chard 

The Aspen Clinic also provides its patients with great resources on the best, protein-rich foods for weight loss if you’re curious to know more! We also recommend doing your best to keep blood sugars low in your fight against belly fat. Our semaglutide and tirzepatide medications assist with this!

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Fight Belly Fat With The Aspen Clinic In Louisiana

We have several easy-to-find Louisiana locations where you can take control of stubborn belly fat with the Aspen Clinic! We’re here to support your weight loss goals in Baton Rouge, Covington, Hammond, Harvey, Houma, Lafayette, Metairie, Prairieville, and Slidell.