What Does Collagen Do For Weight Loss?

Learn What Collagen Does For Weight Loss With The Aspen Clinic

Often seen as the body’s structural superhero, collagen works to maintain your skin’s elasticity, improve joint health, and additionally plays a role in strengthening your hair. Collagen supports the body in a myriad of ways, but it can also make a considerable impact when it comes to losing and keeping weight off. That’s why we highly recommend our popular Collagen Protein product, exclusively from The Aspen Clinic in Louisiana. Continue reading to understand collagen on a deeper level and begin using it to reach your weight loss goals!

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Understanding Collagen’s Role and Benefits 

A fibrous protein found in skin, tendons, bones, and connective tissues, think of collagen as you would a building’s frame. It keeps everything upright and sturdy. However, collagen production naturally decreases over time. This decrease is largely responsible for sagging skin, joint pains, and thin, fine, or brittle hair. Luckily for those experiencing weight-loss-induced hair loss, collagen can also indirectly support strong, healthy hair regrowth. 

The Connection Between Collagen and Weight Loss

Collagen’s lesser-known benefit relates to its great potential to aid in weight loss. The protein can have a filling effect when it comes to nutrition, allowing you to feel fuller and more satisfied for longer portions of time. When the compound is integrated into a balanced diet, it can help reduce the overall amount of calories you consume by lessening cravings for excessive snacking or foods that directly sabotage dieting efforts. 

Additionally, collagen helps counteract natural muscle loss and a slowing metabolism–two present factors as people age. There’s also evidence to suggest that collagen may work to build and preserve lean muscle mass. This is great news for our older patients and people working toward weight loss later in life. 

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Embrace Collagen in Louisiana with The Aspen Clinic

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